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Salt Lake City, Sandy and West Jordan Stucco Repair

Stucco is a popular home siding for many reasons – in addition to being water and wind resistant, it looks great, lasts for years, and it’s relatively inexpensive when compared to other popular siding choices. However, the natural cycles of heating and cooling and the uneven settling of your home will eventually cause your stucco to develop cracks. When that happens, you can count on Salt Lake City, Sandy and West Jordan’s top stucco repair company, 360 Construction LLC.

Trust the Stucco Repair Experts

Because of stucco's rustic appearance, sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether there is damage or not. Its speckled, natural, and rock-like beauty will be at the forefront throughout its entire life span, even as it gets older, discolored, and develops a few cracks from being sun-bleached and exposed to the seasons, year after year. Just to be sure that you do not let any potential damage grow into a bigger problem, call 360 Construction LLC for answers to your questions about your stucco.

We will come by and apply our expert skill and knowledge to your unique stucco. We will let you know whether your stucco is good to go or if it needs repairs. Like we said, it can be hard to tell. We have many solutions for your stucco problems, and a long history of satisfied customers, all with top-notch stucco, so whatever your stucco problem might be, don't be shy! Give us a call before incurring any further stucco damage, and we will provide you an honest quote within minutes of checking out your situation.

Stucco repair is nothing to panic about

Here at 360 Construction LLC, we have plenty of experience in repairing Salt Lake City, Sandy and West Jordan’s stucco walls. It can be distressing when your home is showing visible signs of wear and damage, but you don’t need to worry – we can get your stucco walls back in great condition in no time at all.

Properly cared for, stucco walls will last for decades – hundred year old stucco buildings are not uncommon in some parts of the world! However, once stucco walls have been damaged, it’s important to act quickly. A crack in a stucco wall will allow water to penetrate the stucco and damage it from the inside out. This can lead to serious problems further down the road, including mold, mildew, and rot.

Common Signs of Stucco Damage


Most common stucco damage is fairly easy to recognize. Large flecks of stucco crumbling off the wall, making a mess over your walkway and everywhere else are the most obvious sign of needing your stucco repaired. However, other forms of stucco damage, are less immediately recognizable. Sometimes a layer of paint can hide the extent of the damage. What looks like a hairline crack can be bigger than it first appears. This is an indication of water damage that compromises the integrity of your stucco and is a tell-tale sign of needing repair. So, if you see cracks, allow us to be the stucco company you call.


As previously mentioned, most stucco issues arise in the presence of water. Along with water damage cracking your stucco to the point of falling off, it can also cause deep discoloration of the stucco. Discolored stucco is an indication of potentially harmful mold or mildew, or the disintegration of the stucco itself. In these cases, your stucco needs repair right away.


Stucco blistering or bubbling is another common situation, and yet another example of water getting in behind the stucco finish and damaging it from the inside out. Blistering is characterized by a section of stucco that is pushed out by an accumulation of water and can even cause surface damage to the finish if it is bad enough. Call (801) 837-6822 now if you have any suspicions that your stucco is developing any blistering.

Salt Stains

Also, known as efflorescence, salt stains on your stucco could be a cause for concern. It is the result of salts, from water, crystallizing in your stucco cladding and altering the chemical composition of it, which could compromise its structure. Efflorescence is often discovered and inquired about after pressure washing the stucco did not resolve it. Save yourself the time, if you suspect any salty stains or efflorescence building on your stucco. We are specialized in solving your problem. Please get in touch with us today, and we will provide you with an estimate.

The Stucco Company to Call

Fortunately, Salt Lake City, Sandy and West Jordan’s stucco experts are at your disposal. We have years of experience in repairing cracked and damaged stucco at homes and businesses all over the Salt Lake City, Sandy and West Jordan area. If your stucco has been damaged for some time, we will first take steps to ensure that the inside of the wall is as dry and free of mold as possible. Then we will professionally and expertly repair the damage and, if necessary, paint. When we’re finished, you’ll never know your stucco was damaged in the first place.

To contact Salt Lake City, Sandy and West Jordan’s stucco experts, simply give 360 Construction LLC a call. We’ll be happy to give you an estimate or answer any other questions you might have.

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